Can i use my builtin reward wallet to buy stuff online

Hello Everyone

hope that everything going fine with all of you

is it possible to use the builtin reward wallet (without the uphold) to buy stuff or i have to use uphold

and what about buying coupon from

and what is the recommended way if i need anything else

thanks and have a nice day


NO. Your “wallet” in your browser is a fake/virtual wallet. It is not a real wallet and should not be called one, as defined as a “wallet”. It has no real ETH connection or address. It does not become real BAT until it is transferred to uphold or similar. You can “Tip” someone from your “wallet” to another fake wallet and this can take a month or more to transact, even banks are not that bad (it should be instant or nearly). Support says this may change to a real wallet some day but we have to wait and be patient.

thanks :slight_smile: