Can i switch from Brave AdBlock to UblockOrigin?

So long story short, the Brave AdBlock sucks. Well, it works but i prefer Ublock. And, breaking news, some ads show up. The EasyList works well but without the Peter Lowes Ad and Trackers List, some obscure websites that nobody knows about except me arent on EasyList but are on the PLAT list. Is there any way I can switch AdBlocks or do i need to switch back to Chrome.

Just download ublock origin from the chrome store… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I already have but the Brave AdBlock is interfering.

sorry for my silly suggestion does it interfere even while it off

and have a nice day

Turning off brave shields globally doesn’t work for you?

Now, Ublock is working on most sites but on one site, the Brave AdBlock fails to block the ads but it tries to hard and makes it to you cant switch.

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