Can I send these bats without uphold to brave advertising?

I can not get authorization in uphold, I am from another country and I do not have a passport in English and I can not get it. I have some kind of bats from the site, can I send these bats without uphold to brave advertising and attract users to my site?

here have peoples for reply on this post?

cc @Asad for assistance here.

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Hi there, a verified Uphold account is required to make full use of Brave Rewards :slight_smile:


good partners you choose for global purposes, sarcasm.:space_invader:
they cannot even identify if it is not in English. :thinking:
example how Google Cloud Platform, they want screen card and bio data, and all, all good.
but uphold for crypto transfers want pasport, i not understand it. why?

also I can not understand why I can not use the baht from the reards for advertising my own site without uphold, why is everything so complicated, if bats just tokens?

and HI @Asad, thanks for reply :slightly_smiling_face:

In the future we will be adding support for Civic KYC if Uphold does not work for you :slight_smile:


wow, you make my this day, thanks for info. :relieved: I hope the second ones will turn out to be more suitable for me and for many who there are no papers specific to the situation in which I am, which are required in the first case :cowboy_hat_face:
if I have some number of bats on rewards, I must use them every month or they can be there as long as possible?

nice look

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Any BAT you accrue in your publishers balance will stay there until you complete KYC.

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thanks you and brave team for help and this great project! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any idea on the timeline for this? Uphold grows more onerous by the day.

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Not sure. It’s been in the works for awhile now, so hopefully soon :slight_smile:


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