Can I send Brave Payments to content producers directly, not distributors?


I would like to send money to some content producers who have been de-monetized on YouTube, but who are continuing to produce videos.

For example, if I can identify his Bitcoin account, can I send Brave Payments to the producer directly instead of YouTube whenever I watch his videos? Similarly, if I view a video on Gab or Minds which have a donate-per-view system in place, can I set up donations using Brave?

(I am trying to avoid Patreon, and I like the Brave anonymous approach.)


Not yet, but stay tuned!


This is a really good idea. Watching a video content producer on any other platform than YouTube is better for me.


It’s worth mentioning that this functionality has since been implemented and is extremely popular:


Does YouTube get a cut of any BAT donated to content producers? If so, if there a generally accepted way to avoid Google getting their filthy paws on the transaction? I assume the user would need to put his BAT public key in his profile/video description?


No. If your Brave Payments contribution is set to YouTube channel, then it’ll sent to that channel. If you want, you can also include YouTube on your Payments list.