Can I sell my BAT to creators?

Use someone else’s Documents to make a new account.

I really don’t recommend you to send 1000s of BATs to some random guy even if they have Millions of Subscribers. As I had said its almost not traceable.

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I do have another method but that will need your old devices where you had linked your Uphold account to the Browser.

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I do have 1 linked account that is still alive and it’s on my laptop (mac)
I have already tried many things to transfer funds between devices but none of them worked due to brave and uphold wallets being encrypted with AES encryption - copying over files such as confirmations.json or publisher_info database what contains all of the funds in it don’t get recognized by brave browser as it’s not part of the current wallet.

I tried copying over the uphold wallet hash from my mac to my pc and that too didn’t work, again due to encryption and unable to decrypt uphold wallet (error seen in rewards-internals)

I have looked into decryption methods and its too complex especially for someone who doesn’t know C++ and encryption methods are not the same between linux/unix based operating systems and a PC where unix based systems use keychain to store private keys and windows is using DPAPI so trying to convert to the other might not work at all.

but if you do have further suggestions, I am all ears :slight_smile:


No this isn’t what I meant.

If you have an old device that you don’t use Brave on, you can remove that device from the Uphold Account.
And connect this device with the Uphold Account and be able to transfer the funds.

For that you need to go to brave://rewards-internals/ from your old device and send the Wallet ID to a MOD, I would suggest @GreenBananaPorridge since he is the most active MOD and ask them to remove it from your Uphold Account.

Sadly I don’t think that’s how it works, once you connect 4 browsers, that’s it, there’s no way to undo it as far as I am aware. This has been an issue with Brave since uphold was a thing and you can only ever connect 4 browsers to 1 account, linked browsers are then linked forever.

Maybe someone else can comment on this but that is the general understanding of uphold so far and there are countless threads on here where people have reached the connected accounts limit and looking for a way to remove devices, and there’s currently no solution to it.

I will do my due diligence and attempt it for the sake of dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s.
I do appreciate your suggestion though :slight_smile:

Guess what they did for me was fake then xD

JK, I had once asked them to do this and they did remove it. But they can’t do this in a mass quantity hence they can’t say this in public.
I am saying this to you since you have a bunch of BATs (Not a small value) so they may help you out.

Ok, I see what you mean, I will reach out to someone higher up and see to free up one device and connect it to my main browser, if it does work, you sir deserve a tip.

until then I will continue searching for options :slight_smile:

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That process is a bit long and you have to be very patient… So don’t give up too soon.

It took them around 2 weeks to remove mine.

They actually have to send Uphold a request to remove our devices, so that’s why it takes them so much time if you are wondering.

No. Because BAT is not valuable. It is not like Bitcoin.

Mate BATs are of great value.

I invested on it more than Bitcoin. XRP and BAT will be the next ones to shine from the vast list of Litecoins.

I am never able to withdraw BAT from Uphold lol
What is the problem?

You can send the BATs from Uphold to another site like Binance and withdraw it from there, if you aren’t able to withdraw directly.

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