Can I sell my BAT to creators?

Silly question but, say I don’t have an uphold account and have 1000 BAT sitting in my Brave Browser - as it’s my BAT that I earned, is there anything stopping me from actually finding a content creator and selling him the BAT (at a reduced price) and have them sell the BAT once it’s deposited to their uphold account, that way they get their money back and make a nice tip on the side…

Why is this not a thing?


I don’t know if you can do this but I’m sure if they are your earned bats then you can sell them to creators but in case you get scam by any chance then brave won’t be responsible for this.

One more thing why withdraw it ? just keep collecting it so that they will grow! or wait for the new wallet gemini which is coming soon.

Collecting is great and I have been collecting for a good while - but the issue I am currently facing is that I have an Uphold account and blew the 4 connected accounts limit on the laptop, 2 phones and a profile that got corrupted recently which lost me some BAT.

So uphold is out of the question, as far as Gemini goes, my country isn’t on the Gemini’s list of supported countries, thus I can’t make an account with them, so im left with a bunch of BAT that I can’t do anything with really, it’s not 1000 BAT but I don’t think the actual amount really matters as this is the system that we’ll all face sooner or later once the device limit is reached due to switching devices or getting profiles corrupted…

That is a fair point and the blame would be on me, or even require payment up front (but then I would have to be trusted by buyers… I guess it’s easier to build up trust reputation for 1 person that’s selling than all possible buyers)

I’m just trying to figure out some ways around these limitations.

yes, everyone gonna face this sooner or later.
I also don’t understand why brave doesn’t have more option to withdraw like binance, bybit and many others!

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If you do this, creator ban the creator destination. The say this is a robot or malfunction and creator account be banned “Review”.

How would Brave discover content creators that have bought BAT from someone? the system would treat it as any other “tip” would it not?

As the trade is done in a private manner, where content creator’s info is not exposed publicly, maybe I’m missing something but as long as the amounts being tipped are within some reasonable amounts to not trigger any red flags then how would that be the issue?

Say they do figure out that BAT is coming from my IP address for example, then they have other stuff to deal with as I could potentially flag every content creator in some malicious way by going through the list (public list of content creators) and send each content creator 0.250 BAT and put everyone’s account on review?

So im failing to see how they would combat this, again all theory and I’m not an evil guy, just looking for solutions :slight_smile:

There is a rule I guess where you can’t tip your own account.
So if you keep tipping that specific account then maybe brave triggers/ detects that it’s your creator account.

other than that I don’t think you would get red flag as it doesn’t make any sense. we can give tips to anyone we want.

Mate, I think you meant to say 1.000 BATs.

It is worth $0.70 currently. So, what I would rather do is to collect it till it becomes 5+ BATs so its worth a bit…

Dude, He meant 1000 bats.

He just wanted us to imagine a scenario that he have 1000 bat.

Even imagining that is a dream inside a dream.

That would take 10-20 years to accumulate

@ItzMeRajat, I’m assuming he just want some suggestion like what he can do in this situation.
what he wanted us to imagine the situation where he have lots of bat but doesn’t have any option to withdraw.

It’s definitely not 1000 bat but he wanted to give us a rough idea.
So we can give him the suggestion.

More importantly his question is " if it’s allowed to sell your bats to creators"
Read his whole post anyway.

I’m not making issue it’s just I’m making you clear what his problem is.

I didn’t even make it a big issue.
Why are you taking it that seriously just chill. I just asked him if he had 1000 BATs or 1.000 BATs and you are here writing big paras explaining.

I didn’t read the fourth word from his post and I did now, so chill out.

And if you really did have 1000 BATs. I would rather make an Uphold Account (Or wait for Gemini) than to send it to a stranger since they are worth a couple hundos and they are pretty much untraceable and can’t be refunded.

So making an account would be 1000 Times safer and better and you wont even lose the tax they would cut.

Even risking 1 BAT is bad, so better not to risk anything.

@ItzMeRajat, you still haven’t read his whole post. I’m just discussing the problem here.

He clearly stated that he doesn’t have uphold account maybe because his country doesn’t support or any other reasons.

Let me clear one thing again “he is asking if it is allowed to sell bats to creators”
Like if there is a rule against it or not which I don’t know.

I was just trying to make things clear okay?

… no one is serious. I was only making things clear cause you seem to not understand his question properly.

Okay, I won’t correct you.

I sent a new message above yours. Do read it too.

Lol, you did edit anyway, I was trying to help him.
Let’s wait for him to reply.

This part

Anyway I think he just can’t create a crypto wallet account for some personal reasons I think

I didn’t edit the old post where I shouted at you, its still the same.

I had created a new post helping the guy out. I wanted to add another point in it so I edited it. You can even read the pre-edited post. :confused:

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Hi @ItzMeRajat, I didn’t mean 1.000 ($0.70), I meant 1000 ($700), I don’t feel comfortable disclosing the actual amount but the amount it something ridiculous like that.

Imagine any amount you feel comfortable with but I assure you that it didn’t take me 10-20 years, especially at the time where I was spammed by amazon ads, getting 1BAT an hour, with 0.25BAT per ad and much more a couple of years ago when BAT was worth almost nothing - I assure you that the amount is large, maybe not exactly 1000 BAT but a number that one wouldn’t feel ok tipping away.

You are absolutely right @Adison, thanks for reading the post and understanding it before commenting - I in fact want to explore all my options before making a decision on what to do with the BAT I hold.

I have an uphold account but I wasted my 4 accounts limit in the early days when I didn’t know that was a thing - now I have an uphold account that is just paper weight and I can’t do anything with, I can’t create a new one since it automatically gets rejected since they already have my ID.

Gemini is not supported in my country so I can’t get that - I tried using my neighbouring country as place of residence but my documentation is still from my own country and as such my account did not get approved (of course it didn’t)

Thus, for now I don’t have a way to move the BAT out because of this :slight_smile: I wish that the 4 Profiles limit was emphasised by Brave Team or allow people to disconnect devices from UpHold admin panel.

Thanks both of you for your inputs as we can all agree that this uphold device limit is not the smartest thing and it will eventually, I imagine this is Brave’s long term solution for BAT distribution, they know that people will eventually upgrade devices and slowly stop paying out people directly and all BAT they accumulate will have to be used for actual tipping (which Brave profits from due to 5% tax on tips, making their share 35/65 instead of 30/70 that they state they give to users).

Anyway. That is that really.


Hmm, how long you have been using brave?
I wish that I could have started sooner using it.

When the value was nothing but right now gaining bats/ads is very slow cause it’s growing up. But still not remarkable growth. Even for the long term.

I was in at the very start, I seen it grow from the start as I believed in the project and what it offered at the start. It was a good idea but slowly its turning into a mess.