Can i Self Tip Bats?

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    Windows 11
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    Version 1.37.111 Chromium: 100.0.4896.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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    since im using brave browser 2018 and getting payout from uphold account. But Now my uphold account reached limit (4/4) and i can earn Bats any more. So i decided to send brave bats as a tip to my Brave Publisher to earn brave bats. So it is Allowed? because i dont have any other option.
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    No already Explained.

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Try this to unlink one device.
How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Self-tipping is not recommended and may result in your account getting flagged either temporarily or permenantly.
PSA: Self-tipping

Ok Thanks. i got it.

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Hello Team, i have a question… For example i have generated atleast 5.00 BAT but the end of every month why the complete balance is not send to the wallet… And as mentioned if I have 5.00 BAT, the wallet BAT is sent only just 1.25 or 1.50 BAT how is this considered and is there any algorithm to predict this issue

@Mujjabs Brave Rewards Are Less Than I Actually Earned

Brave support is looking into the earned vs payout amount as a possible issue. No new updates. Many, many recent posts per this.

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sir i applied for Unlinking my account how much they will take time to unlink my uphold account?

I do not know. From various posts in the community, it can take days to weeks. I think (don’t know) the requests that take longer are because inaccurate information was submitted. The requests are put in a queue and Brave staff work on them in the order received. You should receive an email when the request is fulfilled.

Brave is doing away with linking limits. The word on the street (in Brave Community lol) is sometime in April/May but that has not been confirmed. Posted a link to the Brave GitHub project below if you want to check status now and then.

It’s been 12 days. Has the account been unlinked?

long time ago but still waiting for unlink

Brave posted an update to the issue report on Brave GitHub. Link below. The original goal was an end of April release but they are delaying release until after May payouts.

Update (Linking Limits):

Comment by Miyayes (Issue Author/Brave-Browser Collaborator)

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