Can I redeem my add rewards later

I have an another acound in my PC. I earn estimated reward about 20.6 BAT and today 06-06-2020 is the date for redeem this add Rewards. But unfortunately my PC is not working from previous 2 days, that’s why I can’t open my PC and browser.
As a result I can not redeem my add Rewards today.
So what can I do in that situation.
Can I redeem my add Rewards later when my PC is fixed.

Pls answer that question.

I was in a similar situation but I was able to claim my rewards later on, and all that was due, was transferred to my account.

You should be alright @Rubelsarker

Where is your reward now. In uphold or in wallet. If your PC is close, login any other pc or mobile and check your balance there. If you already receive in uphold wallet then no any problem, you can withdraw anytime.

But I can not claim it from browser .

If in browser, then you can claim when your pc will open.

Thanks for kind information

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