Can I pull my bookmarks and passwords into Brave Beta?

I recently installed Brave and I love it. I uninstalled my primary browser, Google Chrome, and now full-on use Brave. Upon learning there was a Brave Beta, I downloaded it, but I want to know if I can transfer my BAT, passwords, and bookmarks from my previous Brave browser into Brave Beta.

I am running Windows 11 Dev Build, and have recently updated the Brave browser.

Bookmarks and passwords yes, you can export them both and then import them into the Beta. BAT unfortunately cannot be transferred in this way – however, you can verify your Beta browse wallet with your Uphold account and then any BAT earned and deposited into Uphold will be available in both wallets.

For exporting bookmarks:
Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmarks manager --> More options (three dots icon) --> Export
(importing bookmarks can be done using the same path)
For exporting passwords:
Menu --> Settings --> Additional --> Autofill --> Passwords --> More options --> Export
(importing passwords can be done using the same path)

Oh, okay, thank you so much!

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You’re very welcome.

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