Can i migrate my extensions from a year old backup (only)

i have a backup of brave in aomei and easus backup solution

i tried copy the whole appdata/users/local/Userdata Folder to my running computer and deleted my current but this method doesnt work . the browser then starts totally empty !

all i need is run my old brave one time to check one thing from an installed extension without restoring the whole windows instance

im runnning windows newest version
is there any way to do this ?

Maybe this can help you. I never tried it myself, so not sure how well it works with Brave.

thank you this is for exporting from a running version

my difficulty is my brave is backed up so i can only access files copy/paste

the only access i have is copy folder to my current computer and run it

let me rephrase … i need to fully EXTRACT ALL FILES to have my old version running on a new computer …