Can I import my settings and stuff via sync?

My computer crashed on Monday and I need to re-download my settings, passwords, favourites, etc. Is it possible to do this via sync or something?

@umatbro Yes and no. All of that stuff would have been saved in your files, but if you’re saying you can’t access the drive to move/copy the /Brave folder(s) over, then that’s not an option.

In terms of Sync, it depends if you had started a sync chain, selected to copy over things, and then are able to successfully add the device onto the sync chain. It won’t be able to do 100% but it can get you access to History, Passwords, and Bookmarks IF you had selected to sync those on a sync chain.

Settings, however, you’ll have to tinker with. That part doesn’t sync usually

Btw, when I talk about being able to move IF you can access the old drive, I mean such as you can see discussed at and

I’m not sure when you’re saying computer crashed if you lost your drive or if it’s something else, also not sure if talking two different devices or separate. Lastly, wasn’t even sure if you had backups for the drive. Due to lot of possibilities, just tossing what I know out to you as best I can to answer your question.

I thought I could log into my Brave account and download my settings onto this computer.

Negative. They don’t have a Backup & Restore yet. The only way things work is through Sync Chain, which requires you to have created one and to possess your sync code to enter on a device. It doesn’t work like Google where you have an account and it’s saved on a cloud, readily available just by logging in. At least not yet…they are working on changes yet in the future.

In the past, they had an option where you could sign into Google and they could access Google’s info and put it into the browser. But Google secured that and that option got taken away.

Keep in mind when I’m saying Settings, I’m talking about things like your existing Shield Settings and whatever else. If you have the Sync chain, it will have Extensions, Bookmarks, or whatever you had it set to. For example, all of this stuff.

What about the settings of the extensions, e.g. could I sync my custom uBlock filters? Last time I checked, I couldn’t, but that was some time ago.

EDIT: I’m assuming two devices in active use, not backing-up and restoring.

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