Can i import bookmarks?

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Can I import bookmarks on android
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android 10
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Yes, you can. Go to bookmarks in your settings and then choose to import. It’s that easy…

why not my guy, you are a free man. You can do whatever you want.


Use sync between your devices; Let’s say PC and mobile phone.

Brave on my android phone does Not have an option to import bookmarks. I am happy with my desktop Firefox.

Bah, I was looking at the wrong device. Could swear they added to Android but guess I am wrong or it up and vanished again. But you’re right, absolutely no way at this time to import bookmarks. The only way to get it over is to import on another device, such as Desktop, and then sync your Android with it.

I switched from Android to iPhone and iPhone has the option as I stated. The same is true for Desktop. Actually should try to strongly encourage @Serg and others from Brave to get this implemented. I’ll be running this by a few to find out why it’s not an option and what can be done.

:bowing_man: Sorry :bowing_man:

Thanks! I don’t want to import all my desktop bookmarks, just what I use on my phone. Exported them from DuckDuckGo-android easily enough.

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