Can I get the brave ad old style

Description of the issue: The ad notification is an ugly white box with a very small X to close it

How can this issue be reproduced?
1.Get an ad notification

Expected result:
It goes back to the old windows notification style that you can drag to close or click the big close button
Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

Perhaps this might be some sort of setting on the OS level of Windows? I have windows 10 same brave update version as you and mine do not look like this. Edit, this could be due to dark mode? I think i remember hearing before if you have light mode enabled like mine, it shows ads as dark and the opposite if you have dark mode enalbed the ads show white

I have mine set as “same as windows” but i switched it to light and we’ll see. Ive had brave for a year and only noticed it this week

Didnt fix it :frowning: sucks since the X is so small to click and the white blends in with most tabs so i dont notice the ad for an hour

That is strange. Mine is set to same as windows and it still appears dark. Perhaps @fanboynz or @Mattches can shed some light pun intended. It has to be some sort of setting whether it be windows or brave related. My brave is up to date and on light mode as well as windows.

I received the “new” style ads for a time before they reverted back to the old style. I think it has to do with notifications being suppressed. Please ensure you have not disabled notifications in the browser. If you’re using Windows, ensure that “Focus assist” is not on or is not interfering with the browser’s notifications.

Alternatively, you can access Brave:flags. There is a setting labeled “Enable Brave Ads custom notifications” That might modify what you’re looking for, but no guarantee it is. I think examining notification suppression is your best bet.

Checked anything that could block notifications and found nothing. However, Brave isnt showing up in windows 10 ‘Notifications & Actions’ so I dont know if its enabled. The flags didnt work either. The style of notifications is the same as used on Chrome OS if that helps

Brave should be in the Notifications & Actions menu with “Banners” permission specifically granted. This tells me it might be an OS issue. If you have already ensured Focus Assist is off and all other notification settings are in order, then you might need to look at installing Windows 10 updates or possibly reinstalling Brave. You can save yourself a lot of pain by installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave and see if that version pops up in the Windows 10 Notifications & Actions menu. If it does not, then this is likely a Windows 10 issue. If it does appear in the menu, then it’s likely a browser issue and a reinstall of the main Brave browser might be in order (of course be careful to back up EVERYTHING including your BAT password).

Of course I cannot personally guarantee that backups will work. It depends on how much you want to fix this issue. YMMV.

What Windows OS are you using at this time? You’re seeing this on the release build of Brave? Because you’re right – we did revert back to the old OS style notifications (for now, we will be moving to the new display eventually) so you should no longer be seeing the new notifciation-style.

That said, that’s not what the new ad notifications look like. The new notifications we were testing looked like this:

What you’re seeing actually looks like a typical advertisement that a site has sent you (because you enabled notifications on the site)

Im on windows 10 pro 19042.1348. Brave still is not showing in my Notifications and Actions. image.pngI see the same style of ads when im in incognito mode but could it still be an extension issue?

One issue at a time here. Can you please go to brave://flags and tell me whether or not you have any flags enabled at this time?

This is the only one ive changed

Are ads still appearing this way for you? If so, would you be willing to hop on a call with me and one of our devs so we can screen share and hopefully get to the root of the issue?

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Hi yes this is still happening. All notifications are in this style including non-ads.

Would you be willing to hop on a call with me and one of our devs so we can screen share and hopefully get to the root of the issue?

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