Can i get a bit of help?

I just want to know what’s happening because I got 100 ads this month but I have only 2.635BAT (0.54 USD). In previous months i got way more for less ads so why is that now i get so little
.brave ads

I uploaded a screenshot to prove that amount.
Please help me understand why previously i got way more for less ads and now so little.

The acquisition rate is too low, so prices per ad went down. All those ads for cryptocurrency stuff, didn’t get the signups and money they wanted.

Well, my issue is that in like 6 months or so since i started using brave(and the rewards part of it) till today i made maybe like 10$ total. I do understand that brave rewards it’s not meant to earn lots of money but how its “glorified” the ads reward system of it … it’s quite worthless. Making 10$(not even that its 10$ with the help of rise from Bitcoin) in 6 months ohhh well …

Be grateful you still have ads, I lost them as of December 19th.

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