Can I Expect Much GPU Speed Up?



I’ve got a 4 monitor desktop running Windows 7 with an ancient (NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420) GPU. Two of the monitors run in portrait to minimize document scrolling. I’ve noticed that it seems when browsers are in portrait displays it takes an annoyingly long time to render the web pages. Also, in general, I’m having trouble with this GPU because, it being so old, the driver support from Nvidia is sketchy and strange things happen from time to time.

So – I’m thinking that I may drop a few hundred for a GPU (GTX 1060 with 6GB) that is better supported, has higher performance for CUDA since I’m doing machine learning experiments that could use it, and also could render faster.

However, I’m not sure I need it so desperately that I’d upgrade if it didn’t substantially improve my Brave performance.

I’m running with 16GB RAM, 6 cores on a old MB supporting only PCI-Express x16 version 1.

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