Can i Create a new publisher account in one phone?

Hello brave community! I have some question

  1. Can i create new publishers account in my brave browser?

*the reason i create a new one, because my first account is not Uphold verified because my documents i send is not supported and its the only one i have. So i create a new account using the email of my Girlfriend and her valid ID
to be verified in Uphold, of course i take her authorized to use her information in brave and she know that. Finally the new account was fully verified publishers in Uphold and channel since JUNE 18 my second Question is

  1. Which accounts get a monthly contribution?
    till now my new account still 0.00BAT Pending Payout why?

Thanks for answering my Question

Android user from Philippines

Hello @Jhejho, you don’t need to create a new Brave account . What you should do is to link your current Brave account with your Girlfriend’s Uphold account in order to receive payment.

@iznai But i created a new account already.
I think its prohibited to link a One Uphold account in to two account. what the best should i do?

Oh! Is her Uphold account linked to another Brave account already?

Yup it’s link already

Hi @Jhejho,

You would need unlink the old account, and link the new one.

@steeven my old account is not Uphold verified
so i create a new one because my Girlfriend have a valid ID. so i create using her information and its already Uphold verified
my main question is. which account received a monthly contribution? Im not using anymore my old account

Whichever channel is verified and linked to the Uphold account is the one that will receive contributions.

Thanks for clarification @Steve

No problem @Jhejho! Glad that was helpful.

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