Can I charge BATS for premium content on my website?


As a web developer I was excited about the prospect of removing ads entirely by charging a microfee for access to content on my website. Is this something I will be able to do on Brave? If so, when / how to do this?

My attitude is this: screw ads entirely. I generate content, you pay me for it, no need to exacerbate your ADHD by expecting you to divert your attention away from my content towards ads. But from what I can tell, the core concept of BAT seems to REQUIRE ads. Unless I am missing something? I really hope that I am.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I know that users can pay me voluntarily if they want to. I’m asking whether I can charge for content. Not the same thing.


As the BAT platform develops and gets integrated with Brave, evangelize other attention-economy apps, from browsers to games and beyond, to join an organization we will endow to promote user-first, private, and anonymous ads, donations, micro-paywall-piercing “link gifting”, and other token-based premium products, and share the BAT among apps other than Brave. We aim to make this a non-profit.


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