Can I change the layout to resemble old Firefox/Pale Moon?

I will keep using Brave for the security, but I’m not going to say I like the Firefox-like layout. I was happy with the layout of Pale Moon, which is based on an older Firefox version. Can I make Brave resemble it?

That is actually a cool idea, I like the older firefox layout, and not the new firefox layout with the bigger tabs…I also think making custom themes by tweaking colour settings like vivaldi would be interesting.

Oh, that’s easy. I would rather use the standard menu bar as seen in many applications–I’m sorry, I don’t remember what it’s called, because I don’t usually discuss it. Let’s see, is there an option to attach a screenshot here? Well, I don’t see that; but in Pale Moon, the menus in this menu bar are the usual “File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help.” Directly ablove the tabs on top. In Brave and Firefox, I don’t have that. I have to access the menu by clicking a button in the upper right corner.

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