Can I change from blink renderer to webkit in Linux?

If I understand this correctly, blink is the new renderer compared to webkit. When Chromium used to use the old layout, did it use webkit or blink? How do I switch from blink to webkit on Brave on Linux?

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The engine is chromium(blink) based, no way to “switch engines” just too many changes between the rendering engines. Blink is much more feature full compared to webkit.

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The problem is that it runs like crap on my computer when runing Linux but on Windows it is fine. I don’t know why, does blink have issues with i915 Intel drivers or something?

Linux actually does outperforms Windows with CPU and GPU benchmark tests. But when it comes chromium-based it runs like crap, even with hardware acceleration enabled. Any idea how to solve this?

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Hardware acceleration = off might actually speed things up, especially on less powerful intergrated gpu’s. Also limiting your installed extensions will help also.

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Runs comparable to other browsers on my openSuse Tumbleweed system. Brave Dev channel.

tried that it is still laggy.

Anything chromium based just lags.

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