Can I backup my Custom Brave News selections? If Yes, How?

I have setup my custom selections for Brave News on the Brave browsers on both my Windows desktop PC and Android smartphone. I have made a wide selection of news sources such as CNN and NBC. I have tried looking for a way to backup my news sources selections incase I have to reset or re-install my Brave web browser due to reasons such as a problem with the browser, factory resetting my computer or smartphone, or replacing my computer or smartphone. I could not find any information on this topic so I am asking the community for an answer. Can I backup my Brave News settings and selections or do I have to set them up again after setting up the Brave Browser again? If I can backup my selected news sources, how do I do it? On a side note, If I sync the Brave browser between my computer and smartphone, will the selected news sources also be synced?

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t seen any replies yet to what I am assuming is a simple question so I just thought I would bring up my mentioned question again.

At this time there is unfortunately no way to do this. However, we are working on implementing Brave News sources/settings as Syncable data types:

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