Can I at least donate Bat before they disappear?

Before my BAT disappear from the browser as I can’t verify my brave wallet with another wallet because Gemini and Uphold dont do business in Germany, can I at least donate them? There are BAT in my browser but somehow I can’t transfer them to the wallet ’ built 'into the same browser because I need to verify it with another wallet,…wow. is there a community donation pot or something? I just want to donate them before I shut rewards down

you can tip them to any verified creator from their pages, youtube channel, twitter, twitch, reddit, etc.

just look for the checkmark on the bat icon in the address bar.

you could also turn on auto contribute for a less hands on approach.

you can search a database of verified creators at

Brave isn’t shutting it down on any region. You’ll be able to continue earning BAT and can “save” them in your browser. Let it stockpile until they add another option or Gemini/Uphold reopen to do business in Germany again.

Correct, this is because Brave would need special licenses with various governments and also would then be required to KYC/AML everyone using the browser. They don’t wish to go down that path as it’s a lot of sensitive information. Thus the business model is that we earn vBAT (basically customer reward points) from viewing ads and then a 3rd party like Uphold/Gemini converts that to BAT when we send it that way.

Brave Wallet is there if you wish to buy, send, or receive cryptocurrency from anywhere other than Brave Rewards.

They won’t just vanish on you. The only way you’ll see them vanish is if you get rid of your device, do a factory reset, or you uninstall Brave.

Are they not vanish after 6 months?

The only thing with an expiration when speaking of Rewards is if you fail to claim them when they payout. I’m not sure if that’s the 6 months or what the timing is on that.

Thanks. I found it. That’s me done with crypto currencies for now. Maybe I get back into it when the market looks less like Disneyland and more important, when we found a solution to create crypto currencies in a sustainable fashion.

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