Can deposit be lost if AVAX not set up

New to Brave wallet. I saw a description saying EC tokens are supported and AVAX is an ERC on the BSC. I expected my deposit of AVAX to go through but it did not. Is my deposit forever gone?

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It’s probably just not visible. Try looking at your wallet address in the explorer, see if it’s there. May not be showing up in the wallet like a lot of people are experiencing. There like 4 versions of the wallet in the drop-down menu, I got confused myself when trying to send and receive.

Welcome to the community, and good luck! A mod should get to you at some point. They have been busy since the update, so be patient.

Do you have the BSC network added yet? If not go to and add it, then you will have to select that network to see the asset. You’ll also need to manually add the AVAX token’s contract as a custom asset.

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Yes I see it now. I suggest making the intro more clear where it states ERC tokens are supported. They are supported with additional work, as I have done. They do not just appear - as could easily be understood by the users.

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Thanks, we plan to improve that here: