Can Brave Wallet hold Solana and NFTs?

I’ve spent an inordinate amount out of my last couple of months trying to figure out how to buy a game pass that is a NFT (non-fungible token, a unique digital item or certificate) that can only be bought with Solana (SOL).

People in the game talk about using a Phantom or Slope wallet to buy a Solana NFT. These are browser extensions. Can I use one with Brave?

Now that I have gotten myself a device and got Brave browser running, I see a native crypto Wallet is under development here.

There are even messages here mentioning Solana (coming in 2022?) But does that help me buy my NFT?

Description of the issue:

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?

  • I didn’t set any up yet

Brave Version (check About Brave):

  • 1.36.116

Additional Information:

  • Android version 6.0.1
  • Location: BC, Canada. (I already opened an account with Newton, if that helps.)

Solona is coming in brave wallet. Will be availanle by april/may I suppose. You can see video about it

Phantom is a reputable wallet. You can use it as an extension, mobile app, they might even have a desktop app. You can use the phantom wallet extension on brave. Brave is based on chromium code (which chrome, edge, opera etc) use. So the extensions available on chrome web store will work in brave.

I do not know exactly that you can use nft currently in the Evm brave wallet or instanstly be able to use them when the solona wallet drops.

I am delighted to hear that. Can you point me toward some instructions?

The steps in don’t work.

The instructions say: Brave browser–>Settings menu–>Cryptocurrency

Despite searching I can find no Cryptocurrency setting in menus on my Android device.

The solana wallet is in beta. Only official brave team devs can access it. It will availanle for norma users in few weeks.

The link you share is for the old wallet. It says deprecated in the title itself, it was a Metamask fork. The networks that the article mentions are not different blockchains like Sol, Cardano, Aave, Xtz but cold wallets like ledger and trezor. They have nothing to do with Solona blockchain.

Brave solana wallet will actually support solana nft’s

That’s great, that in a few weeks I can just start using a Brave native wallet and put some Solana NFTs in it.

But meanwhile you say I “can use the Phantom wallet extension on Brave.”

Again, how?

Go to top right hand corner hamburger menu, in it choose the extension option. It will take you to a brave browser page. In rhat page in the middle, there will be a link called ‘Brave Web Store’. Click on it, it will take you to a extension site called chrome web store. Install phantom wallet from their.

I never did succeed in following this advice. I couldn’t seem to see the same things on my Android screen.

But with help from another forum, and after a series of unsuccessful attempts to make Phantom work in an Android browser, I did get a stand-alone mobile wallet called Solflare working. It has its own built-in browser, so I can separate my ordinary browsing on Brave from any crypto transactions.

Thank you for your efforts to help!

Wait, you wanted an extension on android brave browser? Then install the phantom app from google play store. Extensions currently do not work on any mobile browsers (except for firefox).

If you already liked Solware, then use it. After looking it up, it does not look like scam, but a legit solona wallet. Again, use the solware app from play store and not the extension.

I appreciate that you did in the end take the time to read what I had written.

Your research into Solflare (“Solflare” is the name you looked up, right? You twice wrote “Solware” in your last reply) backs up my impression that it appears legitimate.

A Phantom mobile app is available on iOS but not currently available in the Play Store. That is the reason why I was looking into Android options.

I will be interested in Brave Wallet when it is available, but Solflare is doing all right so far.

Good wishes to you.

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