Can Brave Software Inc., SpaceX & Disney Contribute in Creating a Greater Gaming Future ? Innovating Cloud Gaming and Space Internet #Skrushnet #Starlink OS/PCs and Free Internet

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Before getting into the topic, Two Main acronyms which you should know for this topic

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  2. Middlemen Centric Companies → Microsoft, Google, Sony, amazon, Netflix, Nintendo, apple…etc

This is Rhetorical feedback to make an effect.... CTRM

This is Rhetorical feedback to make an effect instead of getting an answer, i have already stopped playing new games almost 3 years ago, So it will not have an negative effect/affect on me in any way if this gets failed, this post was made in the thoughts of hoping someone outside the gaming Industry such as Brave Software Inc, SpaceX and probably Disney could setup the foundation for offering Something New in gaming business model style which includes and integrates Real Estate Assets Business theme deeply in it.

Overview of this Post.... Important, Read this first… CTRM

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More of this Environment Vibes

Project at a Glance ..CTRM

There are a total of 155 to 160 images which will be added in this post, all of the images are heavily compressed using ILoveimg(The Entire topic will consume 200 mb+).

Each image will have 3 to 4 or maybe even 5 columns, Please Go from Column A to B to C. If you have a Big screen like TV and connected your computer to it , you don’t need to Zoom, just click the image to be opened in Light box and you’ll be able to read, however if your screen is small, you need to zoom in(Smartphone is not recommended)

The Full Project consists of 4,800+ pages, watch the walkthrough video

Skrushnet Project I Full Walkthrough I No Audio I Read Description

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Note: If you want to read the full project in HD, follow the link in the above video’s description to view the project on GOOGLE DOCS (open the google docs link only if you have pc with good amount of RAM, high speed internet and strong processor… DO NOT open the docs link which i given as it will possibly crash the google docs app)

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In this Brave Community’s Post, ONLY the most Essential points will be discussed about.

Everything you see on this post was already made a year ago, so some of the information may be outdated but they are Relevant. Initially, this project.... CTRM

Everything you see on this post was already made a year ago, so some of the information may be outdated but they are Relevant.... Initially, this project was created to share it on Gameloft forum but while the project was still in working progress, Gameloft decided to shut down their forum and choose to keep discord only by making it as replacement for forum, kind of bad decision, so while i posted this project almost exactly an year ago to another forum by changing some information accordingly to that forum, they deleted it right away within 3 minutes of posting it, Ever since the deletion, i lost motivation to post it elsewhere… But since that incident, it’s already a year passed but nothing has been changed in a major/massive way in the gaming network as the way how i wanted to be…,So I have decided to give this project one last final try… I have made some changes to templates/methods of the way how i post and deliver the message(May not be Perfect but everything should be understandable).

Even if it’s year 2040 arrives, Games like this project’s design won’t exist as this project is an imagination of how gaming would be like if 68,000+ devs worked on a single project and the project has an budget of 107 Billion dollars for the Game development and Ecosystem setup

And as Brave Software Inc, while you may not contribute as Game developers for AAA+ Game development, you’ll be able to contribute in the project as Networking Engineers and Security Engineers. You don’t necessarily have to spend your whole life and contribution to crypto wallet development as i can see your focus right now with crypto is 64%, browser is 21% and others 15%(rewards, vpn, talk…etc)…For now what you’ve created is already great and futuristic enough as even though i am using a outdated version of brave and it works flawlessly on win 8.1, so you have already attained perfection with the main browser and i don’t know about your wallet as i never used anything crypto but i believe it is also good now and it would only be a matter of expanding the overall features where the BASIC ESSENTIAL features are ALREADY implemented and working…

Instead of just expanding this wallet thing, focus on expanding your Brave Software, INC presence across other business areas as well, one important business would be gaming which is capable of generating far more profits. On your main website, I have seen statements like, brave is on a mission to fixing the web and new way of thinking of how the web works…so why not expand to gaming aswell, why not fix gaming ? Look at what Microsoft, Google, Sony, Nintendo has all failed and make an effort to succeed in it… All these Middlemen Centric Companies don’t make any kind of efforts to eliminate Microtransactions altogether and focused much more on subscriptions based models where they indirectly support and encourage the use of Microtransactions to get that 30% cut of all individual games which are made available on their platforms…

Personally i believe Making Money in a Respectful way is important ...CTRM

Personally i believe Making Money in a Respectful way is important and adding a price tag to each and every in-game item is nonsense as the paying user and the ones who grind away lifelessly by doing repetitive tasks would have maximum advantage and the non paying user, once they have gained enough clarity and better understanding of time/life would uninstall or stop playing it altogether during the midway. Besides skills, games don’t deliver Skull Crushing Adrenaline And this is why we need someone like Brave Software inc and Starlink to Step in and start making a difference… we need a truly premium gaming environment where the business model will be shifted towards real estate assets based theme with the fusion of traditional insert coin business model. Subscription model can exist but they shouldn’t be the primary one as more profits can be easily seen while using real estate assets theme and this would also eliminate Microtransactions across all areas & will bring back the traditional old school gaming feeling with futuristic graphics and visuals.

We need Games to be as simple like this but with Superior graphics and futuristic game level design which will increase the overall game difficulty ultimately by preserving Logic.

The Whole Project was made with one thing in mind,-> an average person cant spend 60$ to 90$ for each game and there are like 1000+ games already available where it would be impossible for newbies to gain access and play all of them… Subscription models don’t work because the selection of games are Limited and selling the games at 70 to 80% offers would hurt the game studios future projects, so this is why we need a major change in business model and that is what you’ll see in this Skrushnet Project… instead of selling each game product individually and charging people separately for each games, we need to implement fuel station business model and change gaming exactly into the same way of how cars work.

Im posting this because i believe the brave software INC, SpaceX and disney will contribute in establishing something new instead of limiting themselves to what they are already currently doing

Also, Elon Musk is addicted to Achievements... See Storyboards... CTRM

Alright, If you decide to read this post fully, Make sure that you’re viewing this Post on a PC not a phone, Preferably TV(PC connected to TV Via HDMI), bigger the screen, greater your reading experience will be.

First, Let’s talk about the 15 Main Benefits while you follow projects like this…

  1. While following Projects like this, You’ll be able to make money in a Respectful way and increase the Company’s Reputation

You dont need to use Microtransactions while you build an innovative product which uses players talents to make money by having an futuristic Level design.

  1. Ability to Provide TRULY Superior visuals and satisfy the target audience

  1. Cut out the Middlemen whose main intention is only to take up % cut by setting up easy bait of 500$ device to increase Userbase numbers and make publishers to release game on their platforms(and take % cuts and subscription fees)

Similar to Patreon, there should be someone to start the initiative to avoid problems like this... CTRM

  1. With Projects like this, there is NO need to think about competition and the shortcuts which they take

  1. No need to stress and Behave Silly

  1. No need to pointlessly waste Money on Advertising

  1. With these kind of Projects, YOU CAN Grow Without creating Unnecessary HYPE

  1. No need to think about others copying this idea by twisting it and coming up with a cheaper alternatives

  1. With Expensive projects like this which has a production budget of over 100 Billion+, the team will be able to set up superior cloud gaming infrastructure in a quick time

  1. Ability to Provide TRULY Premium Multiplayer and make money in real time without any dependency

  1. Easily Escape the region/geo blocks and also the government bans due to the presence of RATIO System which automatically controls addictive gambling behaviors which otherwise ends up gaining bad reputation for the network.

  1. With this network and project like this, it would be able to obtain licenses for an extended period of time

NO MORE Abandoning series/games

  1. YOU will be able to avoid the comparison issues and the haters aswell

  1. COMPLETELY AVOID being biased as games will fall under NETWORK and won’t be sold as individual products like how they are used to. People will be paying for assets here.

  1. With a team of 68,000+ game developers working on this network, there will be no need to rush in development as there will be plenty of time available for developing without stress as well as for testing

This NETWORK Isn’t fully cloud and it’s not a digital only thing as this network will also support physical HDD tech, so you’ll be able to avoid issues like the below shown issues by not being an ANOTHER streaming service/storefront(Easy for global launch and will also help with launch permissions) Also, this gaming network will integrate Blu-ray network with it where everyone who gets participated in the paid multiplayer and purchases lottery tickets will get free streaming hours for the combo use of Blu-Ray titles and classic AAA Game titles available to stream using Starlink’s free internet feature offer for this network users… the important benefit of this network will be the FREE Starlink Internet while users boot into Starlink OS.

You can also see various different perspective of issues in the below storyboards while you start a network like this… The Good news is that network can defend itself due to the presence of the real estate assets based business model theme.

Imagine the two slots as the Network’s LOGIN Card and Credit/debit card slots where the Starlink PCs will always be connected to the Starlink network and Bank Networks while the users boot into the cloud based Starlink OS.


You can also control piracy to great extent as it won’t be no longer a matter of downloading assets and applying cracks… People will need to acquire Network’s Login cards where the procedure of acquiring login cards from the authorized stores which will make sure that the people have actually acquired this network’s Starlink PCs and HDDs.

The team needs to implement a new tech or issues like this will continue forever as there is no scarcity for Entertainment.

Short time/Quick profit doesn’t apply only to Google but also to all of the Middlemen centric companies… MICROSOFT/sony will only focus on generating profits and won’t work for the goodwill of games

REAL Joy is while you achieve the IMPOSSIBLE


REAL Joy is while you achieve the IMPOSSIBLE, not on fighting with others by doing what they are already doing and showing that you’re at a better level

YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE DEEPER SATISFACTION by competing with others or chasing money

Below video is Shared with timecodes where video should start from 10:17 while you play it… Focus on collaborating and care about the goodness of end product rather than competing by doing what others are already doing…

See the below Storyboards, Spending time in Competing with others is waste of time because someone can replace you but if you focus on invention instead of competition, nobody can replace you and it makes life more meaningful and delivers greater satisfaction

Storyboards is not listed here due to edit but you can see the Benefit 5 image “No need to stress and Behave Silly”

MONEY IS IMPORTANT BUT IT IS MORE IMPORTANT to accomplish something really special (which is considered as IMPOSSIBLE like selling a product to 1.75 Billion users at FULL price).

Focus on Setting Benchmarks and becoming a dream to acquire and not on making the product available everywhere at a cheaper price to increase the user counts and if you think you need more users(like the mobile platform 4 billion+) to make money, think about the way how Supercar makers make money.

Set a Powerful Benchmark and Motivate people to get the Product


TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY where you want the product to be acquired easily by everyone is a waste of time

Part 2/2

The team WILL Fail during the first two years of NETWORK launch but that is the reason why you need to follow real estate assets based business model style which will automatically compensate the failure in the long run as the business model which you follow here will make sure people who are joining the network late will end up paying for everything if they want to earn the owner status or continue to use the network using the insert coin theme which will be implemented in the network.

I may have the idea but it will not be of use without a huge team of developers to implement it, there is no way projects like this to be developed within a range of 5k devs, the project is massive and requires a big team of 60k+ developers and a production budget of 100 billion+ where it becomes crucial that SpaceX, Disney, Brave software INC and other 70+ investment companies as you seen on the Network’s team concept image needs to setup and build the foundation


I’ll try my best to convey the network design, Ecosystem design, Multiplayer and importance of singleplayer games in an easy to understand way of writing…

Let’s start with the Ecosystem design…

Setting powerful Benchmarks on the PC Platforms is highly crucial for projects like this to make the target audience happy.

It is important for this network to be independent

and to follow/Respect old school design

Here is the Network design…

The design might look impossible but it is definitely possible with a big team

Game size should no longer be an issue and thus result in Superior visuals and higher bitrate gaming experience.

Watch the previously shared Arnold real estate video example for reference


Alright, We’ll get into the discussion of Lottery tickets, Royal Challengers & Multiplayer


We’ll quickly move into singleplayer games topic discussion and finish off this topic

As I Said, these above issues can be fixed on this Network using the 4 hour design strategy, some people might complain about it but be alright with that because people won’t be paying for individual games/stories but rather for the Ecosystem assets which gets wrapped up with a single price tag… Either pay up or if they can’t afford, they can gain momentary experience with most of the benefits that the network offers using insert coin theme.

Another issue to STOP worrying, overthinking and not wasting time

NEED a wide variety/range of collection

Short Singleplayer games but with outstanding visuals/details

Focus on forming a team with the group of game developers/studios who cares about identity, Making an impact and Setting Benchmarks.

Videos to Relate

story is important

Another Perspective where some devs will feel guilty about not being part of such an expensive project, this will also boost team strength to good extent where devs will automatically make efforts to join for being a part of very long term project/contract

If you’ve read this far, please make sure to read the project on Google docs on how to raise the production budget funds by making companies to invest for this network growth and being part of it

Note: As an improvement to reduce the cost fact for the end consumer, Expensive HDD tech can be optional where the end user can acquire the base root edition and choose to stream the Rest of the editions assets after a paying specific set of fee decided by the network team. On my Project in Google docs, Initially, I would have said purchasing HDD should be mandatory but then later its been changed to optional… Think of it in this way,-> People who are against digital/streaming tech and wants to own the actual “Physical” Product, much more like people who wants to own a car for themselves instead of relying on taxi, For these group of people, the gateway will be opened to acquire the Physical HDDs wherein otherwise these expansion HDDs (besides the root edition is optional) for people who don’t want physical ownership and wants to live for the moment much like people who are happy using taxi for travelling.

The same improvements has also been made for the people who can’t pay for the Powerful 8k Custom PC variant which will cost 57,849$ followed by the 4k PC Variant 27,849$, 2k PC Variant 11,849$ and 1080p PC Variant 3,949$… People Can Use this network’s 1080p PC Variant and can play the already existing games in 4k while they boot into the Windows OS as the current 4k games don’t demand much power as they use mid range bitrates however if people with 1080p Starlink PC variant boot into Starlink OS which will be cloud based and offers free internet for Starlink PC users, the resolution will be restricted to 1080p where now people will be provided options to acquire RESOLUTION based add-ons which will offer them both momentary and monthly add-on based purchase options for a specific fee to make the end user experience of how gaming on this network in 8k would be(if they actually purchase the 8k pc variant which will Eliminate the need of Purchasing the resolution based add-ons).

These above shown project themes is only a base theme and more sort of setting up a foundation which might essentially have a flaw in it but i hope you can correct it