Can Brave Payout Directly to Coinbase?

I already gave them a screen shot of Brave and they literally spammed me with the same request message from 3 or 4 different people after the first rep emailed me and told me nothing was required for my account…I just closed that account I’m debating still whether or not to open a Gemini account but I’ma little stand offish at the moment Bavaria they might demand the same documents…all Uphold needed to do was explain the request better in my ticket email as to what exactly I needed to turn in

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Additionally, I was happy to close that account…the customer service handling of my information request was so unorganized and unprofessional that even if I had thousands of dollars to invest it’s never feel comfortable running it through Uphold

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Customer service in a lot of places kind of stinks. I mean, a lot of companies are understaffing and overworking their people. Others are turning away from humans and automating everything. There are several businesses I’ve tried calling and it won’t patch me through to a human. Instead I can only talk to their AI or speak to nobody at all, it literally hangs up on me. Not only businesses, but I also have had similar issues with State of Florida government offices and all.

People often knock me for writing long messages and all, but it kind of has become habit because of that. When trying to keep it short and sweet or ask generic questions, they’d give automated responses or we’d be stuck in a constant back and forth of providing information or asking questions. So I try to say it all at once and hope they fix it. If they say something that is wrong or doesn’t make sense, I correct them and all.

Like on your thing with Uphold, I’d have come to the conclusion I shared with you and if they insisted on more, I’d speak to a supervisor while also directing them to their own FAQ and all. We’d have gotten things clarified and the account handled. lol

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I spoke to a rep identifying himself as a manager and he literally told me if I didn’t want to provide the documents listed (even though nothing applied) that I would not be able to receive funds…and as far as customer service is concerned, when it’s dealing with my money (whether $1 or $10000), I demand top quality customer service and everyone should…it might end up being a very limited choice in companies but I will literally close an amount and leave any institution if their customer service sucks. I believe if you don’t impose demands companies will literally try to play you like a toddler would until you give in or give up.

What they should have done was review my account and speak to me first before imposing unrealistic requirements on an account that has been verified for a year and dos not even have $100 in it…the balance didn’t even match any scenario that those documents would have applied to.

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Brave created a wallet that is not a wallet (can’t receive the token where they pay themselves, couldn’t exchange or send, so? Still, they want us to use it… pointless). Brave sponsors the use of online companies that ask for more requirements than banks. So much that I like Brave, but too bad for them, besides, how difficult is it to properly layout a web page so that those of us who don’t speak English can translate its content? We are in the era of globalization, there are many automatic translation services but these Brave pages CANNOT be translated… bad, very bad, they don’t let themselves be loved.

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That is all that Uphold originally required as well which is common with banking. The issue is when they request personal information that has nothing to do with their institution and hide behind CDD and regulation. In my opinion that is not banking that is tracking and steeling data. If there is reason to believe there is fraud then you investigate the transaction and source of the funds for that transaction, and usually that transaction is a lot more than the $4 from browsing rewards.

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Whew, quite a read in here now.

So, I’ve used regular dirty fiat on Uphold to purchase BAT, and other tokens as an easier online just log in and move funds kind of site. Before Metamask, brave, and a ton of other wallet apps or plugins, I did move a fair bit of money around, not to the tune of 100k plus stuff, but I still never received any request like that. Same goes for Coinbase, BinanceUS, Crypto. com, Uphold(so far).

In this cause honestly give Gemini a try, and see how it goes. Based on the sign up requirements it might work out better in conjunction with Brave in this case. I may make one too as a nice backup just in case. :+1:

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That’s a fair piece of advice for sure I’m considering it

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Because of the information Uphold requested I closed my account last year. They asked how much I’m going to spend on uphold and how much money I’m making. As I could only put a number as answer I wrote an email instead. Writing that I don’t know how much I’m going to make or spend with uphold because I’m self-employed. Asking why they need that information in first place, they wrote it’s a request from my government. I wrote back this makes no sense because my government does know how much money I make each year because I pray my taxes to them so they know that I don’t know how much money I’m going to make. Why would the German government request this information from uphold. Are you sure what what you doing? In the mails that followed I discovered they don’t. Giving them a refresh course in the history of crypto and the Idea that started it and what it should be, I told them to close my account. I do have a coinbase wallet and a litecoin wallet. As Gemini does not do business in Germany I hope Brave has some more options on offer so people can start doing things with their BAT using Their Brave wallets.

Phones with cameras could be a solution. Imagine our phones had little screens and could take video calls. You could verify in second. No need to verify one wallet to verify with another

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@Frankey Well, that’s one of the reasons they are working on building out Brave Wallet. It’s a big undertaking and they’ll need to follow governmental regulations though. When cryptocurrency was just off the net and kind of small, it wasn’t a big deal. But now that all of this has gotten big and you even have countries like El Salvador that have begun to adopt things like BitCoin as official currency.

And like when you say the government knows how much you made, they don’t know what you got from cryptocurrency unless it’s reported. Don’t forget, there were people who put in just a couple thousand dollars and ended up with millions just by letting it grow with Bitcoin and all. The government wasn’t able to see that and therefore didn’t get to tax it. They weren’t happy. As a result, laws were passed and they started buckling down on places like Coinbase, Gemini, Uphold, etc.

Not long after, they started touting that cryptocurrency was supporting crime and terrorism. Such as you can see at

Once they started pushing down the whole criminal and terrorist route, that then forced people to provide even more information and tracking. The whole “where’d your money come from” BS and all.


@Frankey Oh yeah, and if you’re in Germany, make sure you check out your legal requirements there. Like are you aware of the below?

German cryptocurrency regulations stipulate that German native citizens and legal entities can buy/sell/hold ‘cryptoassets’ – so long as it is done through a BaFin-licenced exchange, custodian or Bitcoin ATM.

Being a European Union member state, Germany closely implements the EU’s various Anti-Money Laundering directives (i.e. 4, 5 & 6 AMLD).

As a member of the global AML (Anti-Money Laundering) CFT (Combatting the Financing of Terrorism) watchdog, the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), Germany additionally follows stringent Risk-Based Approach (RBA) policies such as Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

As the German Banking Act (KWG) has defined cryptocurrency custodians and exchanges as financial institutions (FIs) due to them offering ‘financial services’, they are subject to the normal AML and CFT regulations in Germany as other obliged entities. In addition to custodians and exchanges, brokers dealers (i.e. OTC trading), insurance providers and wallet providers must also follow AML/CFT regulations due to the change in the German Banking Act.

Germany’s main AML regulation is the ‘ Money Laundering Act ‘ (Geldwäschegesetz – GwG).

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The German government is very suspicious of everything crypto or online payment methods. They still didn’t recover from the Wirecard scandal.

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Yeah, they all are. Some of it is complete BS and manipulation. Sadly though governments are monitoring and trying to force companies to report earnings. They haven’t been slacking either. Like here’s an article from 2020.

The IRS is seeking to lift the veil of secrecy that surrounds cryptocurrency transactions.

The IRS is not alone in seeking cryptocurrency tracking technologies to assist in all of the above scenarios. In August, security firm CypherTrace announced that it had developed a means of exposing the wallet IDs of Monero users at the behest of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Enterprising contractors can now submit proposals to the IRS; those that can demonstrate successful cryptocurrency tracking tech could be eligible for grant money up to $625,000.

And it’s like that for just about every country around the world. They and all the major corporations want to know everything you do and how much money you have, so they can make the best use of it for themselves as possible.

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Just another case of govt imposed theft, they have to have their hands in everything…people should just go back to trading rocks

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Which ones are you planning to add?

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Great Read here, much info gained from it.

my Uphold has been useless since the 4 device nutbaggery.

Gemini works well and was the normal KYC selfie photo and basic info. Gemini and Coinbase is all I use here.

I just updated Firefox and Bookmarks Sync on my 2 mobile devices (Phone/Tab) I have shut down the ADS until something is done to enable the mobile devices. Not playing paddy cake anymore with the remove a device silly shizz either. Brave has gotten thousands of “FREE VIEWS” of the advertisers out of me in the last year of this roundabout. I am sure they use the metrics to sale the ads also.

I will keep checking back and reading here monthly as I do to see if anything has changed/upgraded/works correctly yet.
I also will do a delete on my uphold account soon. no sense having it when it is not Brave capable for 15 months now.

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