Can Brave keep me logged in? (Closing the program with multiple session tabs open)


I use Brave mostly for managing many different website accounts. When I close the browser (Default Settings) it logs me out from all the websites. Is there any way to keep me logged in at websites when I close the program with multiple session tabs opened.

Thanks in Advance


Hi, the browser should not log you out unless you set auto removal of the cookies with Private Data options on about:preferences#security.

Do you experience the issue on a single session tab too?



@suguru I have also got the issue while closing the browser with a single session tab opened, it logs me out. Moving my brave folder didn’t fix it the issue sadly…


Hi, do you experience the issue on a single tab too?

If so, would you move your brave folder (C:\Users\[Your username here]\Roaming\brave) to another place temporarily and try with a clean profile? It will help troubleshooting :slight_smile:



Thanks for trying. So it seems that the issue is not related with the session management.

If you don’t mind will you please let me know which site it is? I would reproduce the issue by myself too.



The site is
Thanks for your help

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