Can Brave help with OneTrust and other "Do Not Sell My Info" notices?

I’m happy that we now have choice about what cookies are being stored, but I find that sites are now bothering me every time I visit to click through the same things to not sell my info. Seeing as OneTrust is the primary integration on a lot of sites can’t the browser store my choice and apply it to sites for me? Do I really have to click through every time to only have “necessary cookies stored”? This seems to be the new browser annoyance in the same family as the blink tag, pop ups, etc.

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Oh this is a new-ish issue, isn’t it? It’s a good idea, though. I hope it can be implemented.

Since I’m obligated to mention it at least once per post, though, it’s been years without being able to use custom icons for profile organization. So I hope this can be considered as a legitimate feature more “”“quickly”"" than THAT…

Haha…Did you just try to hijack this thread? Either way, hello :wave:. I’m not familiar with the issue you are talking about. Do you mean custom icons here in the forum or in the browser itself?

I figured I’d at least post this feedback request since I didn’t see any other topics on it. I’m hoping that the Brave team reads some of this. Aren’t you sick of all the clicking now on sites you visit related to privacy? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I want my privacy, which is why I’m using Brave to begin with, but it seems this is not the best solution. I almost wonder if these sites deliberately don’t save my choices, so I get annoyed with it and choose to click the easy one-click button that enables everything just to get rid of the notice.

Onetrust domain is blocked in Fanboy Annoyances, Easylist Cookies.

It wasn’t a hijack just a… uhhhh… aggressive allusion!

But for your topic, rather than just blocking it entirely as suggested via fanboy lists, it would be nice as you suggested if the specific options could be saved, like with username and password settings are. It seems very easy, but- well, I can stop myself from the aggressive allusion. So sorry! But, good luck.

Thanks @fanboynz. I’m not actually looking to block it because I’m wanting to set my preferences to limit to only functional cookies on sites. If I block it I figure I would have no cookies, which can make some sites hard to use or inoperable altogether.