Can Brave do all that Surfshark does

Can Brave do all that Surfshark does?
Is it built on G Chrome: Y or N?
What System Mechanic style app works best with Brave?
I am not comp literate, and like to research, but make a mess of filing. When I explore the workings of my Mac I am shocked by the data collected by Chrome, and how I come to cross file because academic sites bundle similar content which I ‘sort of file’ to make a mess.

You have the option to use the Brave VPN, which is built in the browser. Surfshark is also a VPN (has a extension and an app). Do you need a System Mechanic style app for Brave?

Regarding privacy:

As I think clearer (health issues) I will upgrade.

For now I am going to delete anything chrome as I am on an older computer.

System Mechanic used to help me clean my computer up. Now it is hard to find something ‘safe’ which does the job. I have had a habit of multiple filing. I now have a system to avoid that. I put items in a folder which I work from and do not file it until I read or use the items I downloaded. That way I can avoid cross-filing and only use an alias if needed.

Thank you for all help.

If you want to “clean” Brave, clearing the cookies and cache within Brave itself is possible. Just keep in mind that browsing would be slightly slower since you need to re-download any images again when visiting sites. I would only clear Brave cookies/cache if I was troubleshooting an issue otherwise its not needed.

If you store your Downloaded items in the same folder then that will work also, can be managed the same way as any other browser using the same folder.

As a rule of thumb, the less extensions the better if you want to use less system resources and make browsing quicker. For example I just use a password manager browser extension only. Every browser extension will use CPU and RAM, so the less extensions the better.

You can still use Surfshark with Brave btw, if thats your prefered VPN.

Enabling Memory saver via brave://settings/system will help also

I hope that helps.

Thank you Ryan.

I will switch to Brave entirely in the near future.

I have been a prolific researcher causing myself confusion with my health, often forgetting what I filed or where/how. Hence my Qs.

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