CAN Brave build improved task manager?

can you build an improved task manager with cool ui ?
i want this task manager to give important details on how much MBs a website tab is consuming, a extensions are consuming…

This already exists.
Menu --> More tools --> Task Manger:

but im seeing "memory footprint with “K”

how to make it show “MB” ?

Can you share a screenshot of how the task manager appears on your end please?

There is probably a number threshold where it’ll show kilobytes, then use Mb. Did try to find out the threshold, just got many Chrome/Ram memes.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

But i can see Mb in task manager

can brave improve that ui of brave task manager ? or only google has powers over changing the ui… ?
for lot of years they haven’t changed it…currently i cannot find any extensions that gives cool insights about ram consumption… would really like brave team to work on an extension and add it inbuilt so we can see it live with cool ui right from extension tray


Not quite sure what you mean but if you look closer to the screenshot posted by @Mattches, the second row shows data of an extension.

Brave provides the data you want.

So what you ask is just something more visual, as the graph you can find on Windows Task Manager, that’s it ?

on mattches brave task manager, it shows mb but on my brave task manager it shows k (but on my windows 8.1 task manager, i can see mb

but this win 8.1 task manager for brave is useless as it fails to show detailed info on tabs, extension consumption as in the same way Brave’s chromium based default task manager (shift + esc)

windows 8.1 shows everything as Brave browser (and no info on tab/extensions detailed infos as i see on brave task manager)

Alongside with problem fix, i would be happy if brave add a custom built task manager with improved ui on new tab page or add as an extension … where with this extension or control via new tab (i can kill tabs, sleep tabs, disable/enable extensions, set rules for auto kill all open tabs by adding few sites to whitelist which i don’t want to be killed/ Pc temperature monitor/ Browser temperature monitor to help us identify which tabs causing heating/ which tabs slowing down browser, which websites are poorly optimized…etc)

i want something new for more control… i am 100% sure Google will not improve the task manager as that task manager ui is same for several years… i am liking brave rewards ui, so i would be happy if brave team shows improvement to task manager by adding new features…

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