Can Brave be used with Kaspersky Protected Browswer?


I have Kaspersky Total Security. A Protected Browser pops up for financial-related sites. Can Brave be used with this?

Thank you.


Well, Kaspersky is still triggering false positives on our product, I think this is something we’ll have too look at down the line :sweat_smile:


Kaspersky has to “accept” Brave with the secure payment traffic first, i.e. record it. But this can take a long time, e.g. I wanted Kaspersky Protection (the browser extension) to be able to work with Qwant (search engine). In response, I only received a list of the search engines that are currently working with it. If I remember correctly, the proposal was put on hold, so it was not accepted.


What happens when you go to enable the extension now?


The extension was only mentioned as minor.
The extension has nothing to do with the protected browser, or, as I call it, secure payment transactions.

Nevertheless; at the moment you can’t install the extension from the Chrome Store (at least I didn’t find it). Probably it can only be installed via the Kaspersky suite. But since Brave is probably unknown there as well, it will be difficult to install it.


Got it, thanks for the information. I’ve been in contact with Kaspersky support regarding the false positive on our browser/installer. I’ll see if I can glean any information surrounding your question next time I speak with them.

Thanks again for reaching out. Unless you have any more questions/comments I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.


I uninstalled Kaspersky and got the free version of Bitdefender. Kaspersky went so far that not only did he want to stop the installation, but he also wanted to “disinfect” the system sometime after the installation and delete the entire Brave beta.

Or wait, was there an update today? Then the disinfection would not be random, but after the automatic download of the update that is again a setup.exe :smile:

The protection extension was installed by the Kaspersky Suite into the beta! But that doesn’t help me

I reinstalled Kaspersky after all. You can probably add a program to the whitelist, I’ll do that.


Have you already seen this page:?


@MediaBird, sorry for the late response.
Yes, I’ve already gone through the white-list program. We have been “under review” for a while and are waiting confirmation from Kaspersky.
Thank you for looking out!


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