Can anyone teach me how on how to transfer the funds on my uphold account to a private blockchain wallet?

Can anyone put me through on how to transfer the funds on my uphold account to a private blockchain wallet (BTC)? it’s urgent guys, I really need help.

can you teach me here?

I don’t understand, can you elaborate more, please?

Adminhelp isn’t an admin here, he will help you transfer to his wallet only


for bitcoin it is too expensive, you must transfer the bitcoin to another currency, for example I use LTC, then where you choose where you are going to transfer you use the option “CRYPTO NETWORKS” you select LTC network.
then you put the LTC address where you want to send it and that’s it! the fees are like 0.1 dollars

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@Daviddaniels this at Uphold should get you to your starting point. There’s a short vid tutorial, too.

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thanks, I had same thought that was why I wanted him to teach me here.

meaning i have to open another crypto network? I actually have a blockchain wallet which is not listed among the crypto network on uphold.

what? just transfer BTC to LTC in uphold, then do the steps of my last comment.

I saw the video, I have a personal blockchain wallet where I’d loved to send the funds on my uphold to. if I may ask, is blockchain wallet same as bitcoin network?

If you want bat in an onchain wallet you need to create an ether wallet, which you can do here

what do you mean whit “personal blockchain wallet” send a picture or something

ok, thanks. aside ether, can I transfer from the first option named ‘bitcoin network’ to a blockchain wallet as well?

Sure, but you have to convert your bats to btc on uphold first

ok, thanks. it’s more clearer now.

its very expensive to withdraw with the Bitcoin network, transfer BAT to LTC and send to a LTC wallet. or i dont know, sorry

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He’s longing btc in a cold wallet, can’t say I blame him

How much do bitcoin network charges?

are you talking about the admin guy?

No, you want to hold btc in a cold wallet I presume as an investment