Can anyone please help me regarding my barve reward payment .this isn't reflected into ny wallet yet its been 15of this month now

Can anyone please help me regarding my barve reward payment .this isn’t reflected into ny wallet yet its been 15 now

I have also not gotten the last 2 months of BAT rewards, is there a better place to check as my history now shows all zeroes for history?

you need to DM the admins and provide necessary info about your brave rewards wallet ID for them to check

But I don’t know how to contact them can you please tell me how can i connect to them

YOU CAN CONTACT @Mattches @Saoiray

@Rajinderthakur and @click You will need to send a DM to @steeven or @Mattches. In that message you’ll need to tell them of your issues. And Click, you in particular will want to say that it’s been several months since you haven’t received it. Then you both need to copy/paste your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals to them so they can look it up and try to find out why payments may not be reaching your wallet, as best they can.

Rajinderthakur, I want to make sure you know that this month’s payments are still not 100% paid out. Things for Gemini had been done by Brave but then Gemini had some small issues that we’re not sure of whether it affected payments. Brave is looking into it. Then as to Uphold, Brave still has those processing. You can track the status at or on their official status post at Ads Payout Status Update I am stressing this because while they may still be able to look into it, the priority will be a bit lower compared to those who have had issues longer. Only because it may still be one of the pending transactions. So it may take a bit more patience on your end.

@TUSHANT Thanks for trying to help and feeling comfortable in reaching out to me. I’d like to make sure to stress a small difference though. Steeven, Mattches, and SaltyBanana are official Brave Support here and are employees of Brave. As such they are the ones who can investigate issues with wallets or payments. Usually Steeven and Mattches are the two who primarily handle it.

People like myself with the Community Ninja label are regular users, much like yourself, who have been using Brave for a while and tend to help other users a lot. We’re very limited on the type of help we can offer, essentially serving to “triage” issues.

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@Saoiray well I think you are a very advanced kind of user of brave who knows most of the techy stuff

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