Can anybody explain this

What kind of magic is this??
can anybody explain this??

Why was i only paid half??

Hi @L0rdGRiM - can you provide specifics around your question?

First i was only paid few rewards of the ads and still the payout is processing since end of July. The Faq of Brave clearly said that I will receive my payment at 8th of every month and it’s already 10th of August. Now I’m wondering and suspicious about BAT Rewards @steeven

I would like to send proof that I only got few BAT rewards paid but look at this

Not even loading…

@steeven hello?? no reply okay. I’m really gonna bad rep brave. I’ve been watching all the threads and all was about no paying and you lost somewhere no replies??

Hello @L0rdGRiM,
First, payout is still processing – Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

And for your ads payout, seems normal based on your screenshot.

Hi @L0rdGRiM - publishers payouts are still processing.

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