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I can’t access the MLS Real Estate site when using Brave. I can go to the home page. I can even browse - but I can’t login in. When I enter my username and password for it just does nothing. If I wait it never seems to login.
I have no problems when using Chrome (which I’m trying to ditch).
I use an older iMac from 2008 running El Capitan 10.11.6
The site is
Any help much appreciated.

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Welcome @jonnyknz. Have you tried turning shields off for the site? To do so, click the Brave lion icon in the address bar on the right end, then toggle shields to off. It looks like this:

Thank you - that worked.
I’m enjoying using Brave and looking to dump Chrome asap.

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Try allowing all cookies only (with sheilds on) does that help?

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