Can a bookmark be ONLY in the menu but not in the bookmarks bar?

Is there a way to have bookmarks appear in the “Bookmarks” menu but not on the bookmarks bar?

I feel like I’m losing my mind but I can’t find a way to do this. I can create bookmarks & folders but they ALL end up in the bookmarks bar.

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The only way I know how to do this is to have a folder not visible on the toolbar and put them in there. Or just have enough in the toolbar to push whatever it is you don’t want there off to the right at maximum width. This is something many people don’t like - the way bookmarks are managed, that is. The way certain other browsers do it (have a designated “Bookmarks Toolbar” folder) seems like it should be pretty simple to implement, but that level of coding is way beyond my KungFu.


I just explored a little, and Chromium has one of these, but then the Other Bookmarks folder stays in the toolbar all the time, which kind of defeats the purpose in the first place. This might be a result of Linux and Windows not having the menubar like macOS, but that function is met by the hamburger/vertical dot menu giving access to the Bookmarks hierarchy. So, ???

However, Firefox’s designated folder works just they way I’d expect: Only the bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder show up in the toolbar, and you don’t have to put others in the Other Bookmarks folder, which stays off the toolbar, anyway.

Safari’s Favorites folder produces much the same result as Firefox’s approach.

Microsoft Edge does, too, but I dislike it for other reasons.

I don’t have Vivaldi or Opera installed any more.

So, for that and $2 you can get a cup of coffee, maybe.

@bababooey on the menu, click bookmarks then if the “show bookmark” is checked just click on it again to hide the bookmark. I just usually use the shortcut keys on accessing the bookmarks. I just put all the bookmarks of the sites I often visit at the bookmarks bar and then just pres “Ctrl+Shift+b” to show or hide the bookmarks bar. Then if I can’t find the site I bookmarked on the bookmark bar I just press “Ctrl+Shift+o” to open and show all the bookmarks. I hope this helps somehow.

I found that if I highlight the URL in the address bar then I drag that to bookmark bar…
I remembe that works in another browser.

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