Can 2 family person use same uphold account

Can me and my sister use same account to get paid from brave browser as bat reward?
Actually my sis dont have passport and he try to verified by id card but uphold suspended her.please guide me any official support member

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Any admin ?will you please tell me can i use 1 uphold account for me and my sisters account ? @eljuno please reply

@eljuno may be able to help you

Thanks @MediaBird.
And apologies for late response @ramanp.

Iā€™m not really sure about that. Maybe @asad have some info about that. My best answer is:

If you want to/only can use 1 Uphold account, then you can use only 1 publisher account.

Publisher can verify multiple channels/sites. So you can add your sister channel/site under your publisher account.

Publisher also have monthly contribution statement, so you can tell how many contribution that you received for each site/channel.


@Asad @eljuno but me and my sister already have bat rewards in me and my sisters publishers account and we dont know about that we can join both our channels to single publisher account

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