Camera on without knowing

my friend and i were on a call, and when i pointed out something about her camera she was surprised. turns out her camera was off! she turned her camera off and it said it was off but it was on on my side and i could still see her! this is not okay and an invasion of privacy! please fix it.


This is what I did to make it work on Windows PC; Same steps for setting the microphone.

  1. Open brave://settings/content/camera and enable it.
  2. Open Windows Settings and enable Camera.
  3. Enable camera in Internet security
  4. Test Camera and microphone here
  5. Allow use of Camera when notification appears as in image below.


Hi @roaa, thank you for reporting. Checking in with the team on this.

How is this even allowed to happen? I get it that sometimes there can be bugs (like screen-sharing not working, still flaky to this day), but this is a huge privacy violation as the OP said. I had the same thing happen to me the other day during an important meeting and it was very shocking to me.

Hi @roaa are you able to tell us more about your friend’s setup and some of what happened before hand? When we started investigating this, we were able to find a case where if a user unmutes the camera, then remutes, then changes a quality setting to “Best Performance” and then back to “Highest Quality” it can unmute the camera. But in all of our tests, both the bottom bar and camera lights then show the camera on. This by the way has just been fixed in the underlying Jitsi implementation and will be deployed shortly:

But it would be good to understand if your friend went through these exact steps as well, or something different. And even in that case the camera should still have indicated that it came back on. Any information you can provide to help us reproduce this is greatly appreciated. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are determined to get to the bottom of this ASAP.

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