Camel case is killing me... Right click -- can it be initial Caps?


I am auditioning new browsers to replace Opera. They have upgraded themselves out of at least one user.

I know this sounds stupid, but it is off-putting to see the camel case (each word has an initial capital letter) every time I right click. Is there a config file I can change manually?


Hi @Rockkon,

First, the idea of each browser nervously waiting for their turn to go up and audition is hilarious and made my morning, so thanks for that.

As for your issue, I have a love hate relationship with camel case myself. However, it doesn’t all seem to be camel case.

As it stands I don’t believe there’s a way to do what you’re asking in Brave.
Hopefully Thats Not Too Upsetting To Hear :wink:

Browsers have it easy, you should see what I put my clothes through. :slight_smile:

How did you do that? this is what I see when I right click:


Well, probably because I’m on the Dev channel release, not the current live release :joy:
Thats my bad! The good news is that it looks like it wont be camel case for much longer!

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Very cool. :slight_smile: :high five:

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By default, tabs are created by TabLayout sets the textAllCaps property to be true, you have to define a style making this flag false.

@style/MyCustomTextAppearance false

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