Cache won't delete



So this is time sensitive b/c I have to copy my App Data & I can’t until we get this sorted out.

I use Tree Resizer & even though I’m clearing the cache, under Tree it’s still showing tons of data.

Here’s a SS -

Unless this is cookies or something else other than cache. I don’t like clearing my cookies unless there’s issues with one specific site.

Please help.



Can you help pls.

I don’t want this to close without getting addressed.



Hello??? This is about to close.

Not super clear on what you’re asking here. To me it seems like using a browser running six different profiles at a time, all with different extensions installed will result in a lot of data “build up”. So just clearing cache may not cut it.

When you clear your cache, are you doing so by going to Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data? if so do you see (before you clear the data), how much cache data the browser is about to delete (example image below)? How much is reported (note that I have set my time range to All time in the example)?

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