Cache is clearing in certain websites

Description of the issue: Subtitle settings are being re-setted to default in some websites, even though I did not clear any cache or cookies.

Expected result: The subtitle settings to have been in shape, at least for a while.

Brave Version: v1.51.118

I would be curious as to what Shields is set to for the sites in question; also, whether you’ve got anything enabled (look for a blue dot) in brave://flags/.

Block trackers & ads

Upgrade connections to HTTPS

Block fingerprinting

Block cross-site cookies

Hmm… Is it because of cross-site cookies?

Blocking cross-site cookies is fairly well tolerated these days by most sites. But, it’s worth testing those sites with Shields ‘down’ to see if anything changes.

Let us know about brave://flags too.

Everything is default except some developer settings.

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