Cache control and jquery


i would like to give here some feedback and ideas.
It would be also awesome if Brave had some sort of cache control, it looks like “ctrl + f5” doesn’t work on Brave and the page doesn’t refresh the cache. I’m a web developer and yeah, now i must use Firefox on the side to see my changes.
I got also one more suggestion for ya guys, could you implement Jquery into your browsers?
So if there is a Jquery call for example:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

It would first check out the cache before getting the file from a external link.
I know that there are different Jquery versions and i always use the newest version.


You can use Ctrl+Shift+R shortcut or long press on the reload button to bring up this menu and you can do a clean reload


cc: @clifton for jquery suggestion


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