By what date’s BAT price it calculated to 5$ to give BAT?

By date of persons installed time BAT’s price OR its 30 days completed time of BAT’s price? On which time’s BAT price used to give token away?

To example, 100 people installed on 25/Apr, on that time BAT 0.4$ After 30 days, its price 0.35$. If it is calculated on 30 days completed time, i would take more bats. So, which date is using?

@Mungunbayar If I understand your question correctly, you want to know when the next BAT giveaway will be? If that is the case then BAT rewards have no specific time it comes… When there is a free token grant, you will get a notification on your browser.

I am talking about whole different thing. I am talking about which date is using to calculate BAT token equivalent to $5?

the date used is the date and time when your installed becomes confirm. the rate for that moment is what is used.

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