By mistake I tipped myself. Any way to correct it?

Today I received 20BATS on my phone and I wanted to withdraw it but I couldn’t, then I thought maybe I could tip myself so it will be the same as withdrawing but later I found out it is not right to do that.
What can I do to return it or redeem the mistake that happened?

Its not encouraged and withdrawals on android is not yet implemented
Bats should show up in your creator’s page in a while though

No, tipping ourselves is not encouraged but I didn’t know that. So, is there any way to correct it?

not that i am aware of
Can be cannot be

Anyway waiting for the reply from the brave supporters, thank you. :slight_smile:

HI @SurajSuan04 - thanks for writing in. There is no way to reverse the transaction, but your account is not suspended.

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Yes and I don’t want to get suspended, I will never repeat that mistake again. My account will be safe, right?

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