By distraction i lost my 319 tabs, can i recover them somehow?

Was distracted with some discussion in my college and i by accident somehow removed 319 tabs dedicated to my study

1.distract yourself
2.keep hand in app
3.lose group of tabs

Loss of tabs
Emotional and physical pain of loss

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Design flaw where browser does not show my tabs group in history

That’s why Favourites / Bookmarks are for… to save all your webpages and easily find them back without taking memory. That’s the case since bascially the first webbrowser ever existed. You decided not to you that feature. This is not a flaw.

Yes it is a flaw
I do not want always to bookmark something to later go back and delete it after i read what i wanted

I bookmark what i consider important and not a maybe

Well, no you know that what you consider a flaw shouldn’t be used that way. Have a look at the history, you should find them all, along all other pages you visited. At least they are available.

Edit : mistype corrected.

@Hovershift Did i get it right? You had 319Tabs opened at the same time?

In one group but yes

Would not work
Its 319 tabs made from weeks

Sorry, mobile. Good RAM you have tho. lol

I guess the best is to look for another browser which doesn’t have what Hovershift consider as a flaw. Don’t select any Chromium based browser for a start (ie not Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera), test and if you are not happy, change.

If this you really want to make a change in Brave, go to the developement team of Chromium (ie at Google), and write an issue. If your issue is serious enough, developper will take it into consideration. Then later Brave will be add the correction.

Here is the main link to chromium discussion forum:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Sorry for losing all your tabs. If you can’t see them in history, I am not sure how to recover them. But I guess, it is the same case not only with Brave but all the chromium based android browsers.
I know I am going bit further, but it is really surprising that you have 319 tabs open. How do you switch between them? I am sure, you won’t be going from tab to tab to see which tab you want to be at any given time.

I have the same question. How do you see 319 tabs and how do you know what is what?

Something tells me this is something offbeat, like “How many tabs can I open before the browser crashes” or “I’m going to see how many sites I opened in a month” or “How much ram does my device use before depleting”… or some other less than normal daily browsing reason.

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