Buying BATs with money

i love the Brave Rewards model for automatically supporting creators via time spent on sites. I don’t like ads though. So I’d like to transfer some money every month to auto-support. I’ve seen some old posts requesting the same but they were all closed and I don’t see this option in the browser. Is this possible today?

If you connect tour account to any custodial wallet(Uphold/Gemini), and fill up there the wallet with desired token, turn ON auto-contribute and at the end of the month, your wallet will be drained.


thanks - it would be nice if there was a way to just pay 5USD into the account via creditcard or IDEAL or something

  1. Maybe later maybe when all the creators will have a web3 domain name, they can simply add a button, so that users can tip directly from their NON-custodial wallet(Brave wallet, not the triangle), with the preferred crypto.
    (My web3 domain name or IPFS, currently accept only Solana[low gas fee, check my profile to see a link, so you can have an idea ]).

In that wallet, there are plenty choices to fill up with desired crypto, and is not required any KYC(Know your customer B.S).

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