Buy CRO on Gemini or Uphold

I get 15 BAT from Brave Rewards. So now I need to sign up for Gemini or Uphold but I don’t kow which one to choose. Most importantly, I would like to sell a few BAT for CRO ( Is it possible to buy CRO on Gemini or Uphold ?

Thank you everybody in advance.

in uphold cro coin is not listed but i suggest you go with gemini

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Are you sure that CRO is listed in Gemini?

What about Brave Wallet? Is it possible to buy CRO coin?

I’m new to cryptocurrencies.

I am not seeing CRO listed on Gemini either.

Is it possible to buy cryptocurrencies with Brave Wallet without being registered on Uphold or another similar platform?

Crypt currencies yes, but again I’m not seeing CRO listed when I search.

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Cro is not on gemini–coinbase or best bets–on I think you get rewards for owning CRO as well

OK. Thanks to all of you.

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on CRO-but MAtic earning 10% then get some Cro and you earn on that too

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