Button to erase all session data greyed out

I try to help a friend to use the Brave browser. My version just works fine, but on the other install we can’t use the option to erase all passwords, visited pages (history) and all that, under “extended options” (or how the correct category is named in the english version).

The “ok” button ist just greyed out. Brave cannot be used then. Anyone here has an idea, how to fix this?

Basically, when restarting Brave, all previously opened tabs etc. are still present, although we would expect all things to be deleted, according to the setting.

Hello @andr0123

just to make sure i got you

when you go to this page
select all time and select the things that you like to clear

is the clear button is greyed right? if yes then

could you disable all extension and try again ? if this help then re enable them one by one till you got the one that cause the issue

and if you want to clear all cache and history each time you close your browser go to the same link then choose on exit and choose the thing you like to be cleared

hope that help and have a nice day

Hi, justsomeone1, thanks for your reply. I think, i made a mistake. There was another option activated, to load the last used tabs, which was the actual culprit. Once i have changed that, it worked fine, of course. Nice work, by the way!


you welcome and glad that you figured it out and have a nice day