Burger menu? Why?

Hello developers,

The navigation and new tab stuff got stuck in a burger menu. I’d like it back the way it was a few days ago. It’s just extra taps to put it in the burger menu. I

would think it might be better to have a burger menu in portrait, and a normal nav bar in landscape. My view is that more clicks is worse than clutter. The purpose of minimalism is to simplify without loss of functionality.

You can’t really say that the navigation and new tab function are seldom used functions, so they can go in a burger.

Thanks for you consideration.

Yeah I hate it when UI designers remove buttons and functionality for the sake of “minimalism”. The entire point of the UI is to first and foremost be functional.

And as always, if someone for some reason prefers less buttons and less functionality - then make it an option. Make it customizable. That way you never have to go back and forth and tweak the button array because users can just make how they like it.

I miss being able to drag and drop buttons to the UI like in Firefox.