Built-in screenshot tool


Hi, I’d love to see a built-in screenshot tool like Vivaldi has, this day in age it really helps and is useful. Please consider maybe adding one of your own. One that can do png, jpg, etc and you can select visible parts of the screen as well as full page screenshots. Thanks.

Screenshot Extension

Hi @smooey does Vivaldi’s tool have an option to download an entire page as well as pinch and capture like the built-in one in the new Firefox because I have to say I really like Mozilla’s one.


@Numpty I’m not sure about the “pinch and capture” part of it, but like in the image here image

It now also includes “copy to clipboard” and you can paste images into where you want. It’s just a basic simple screenshot tool. Two sided menu option for either capture whole page or selection of page. Both options can save as PNG or JPG, copy to clipboard, etc. It downloads immediately after hitting camera icon too. I don’t think you can “share” with Vivaldi’s though.

When I suggested a built-in screenshot tool I didn’t mean to make it just like Vivaldi’s of course, but something like it or similar. Something that’s easy (less complex), etc. Even a blend of Firefox’s and Vivaldi’s would be nice. It’s nice to just have handy tool right in the browser and not rely on yet another extension. Lol.

If Brave allowed users or gave users option to install “checked” extensions like I mentioned in my extension repository thread and had a little screenshot tool built-in, I wouldn’t even need any other browser, I’d just use Brave only.

I love Brave, it’s the best privacy/security browser on market today. :slight_smile: I’m willing to bet that if Brave allowed extensions developers to submit their (clean) extensions into the Brave Extension Repository, that Brave would have a strong following and more push behind it. I think extension devs would LOVE to be behind this project and all want their privacy/security like anyone else.

Would be awesome too if Brave made option within it’s browser to then allow users to give Brave Extension Developers donations, using the same features/currency tools in Brave currently. I know if I was extension developer and had extensions at Mozilla and Chrome Store, that I would stop updating them and only focus my time on Brave extensions. I guess it’s the loyalty, trust, and strong belief in the Brave browser itself.


I’m in complete agreement with you.

@smooey it would be good if you could cut and paste the last two paragraphs in your Extension Repository topic.


Yes please! We need to take screenshots!!


I’m glad you all understood the information given about how to do a screen clip.
I, a cave being, do not at all grasp the information.

I JUST want to do a super simple variable size clipping from the screen.
Why is it so difficult with BRAVE?
Where’s the screen clip button??

My understanding is that BRAVE was designed and built by some of the former Firefox people…so what’s the deal? Where’s my Screen Clip button?? Argh!