Built in Importer doesn't import data correctly


Many users have noted that the built in importer used to import browsing data from other browsers doesn’t always function as intended.

This issue is seemingly not dependent on platform, browser being imported from, or browsing data being imported. I’ve created this topic to capture user reports in order to help reveal any common links between them so that we can solve the underlying issue.

What we would like to know

Given that this issue doesn’t seem to have any (obvious) common thread, we would like to consolidate some of this data into a more easily viewable format. If you have (or are currently) encountered this issue with the importer, would you mind replying below and telling us:

  1. What browser were you attempting to import from?
  2. Where you attempting to import all browsing data, or only certain select data? That is – which check boxes were checked when you attempted import?
  3. Of the data selected to be imported, which data (checked boxes) were successfully imported?
  4. Did you try to import selecting only one box at a time? If so, did this work for any of them?
  5. Operating System and Brave version (as always)

Hi Mattches - Sorry for my absence. My husband was in bad accident and everything else went by the wayside. I should have time to answer this tomorrow.

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My condolences to you and your husband – I hope everything is okay :heart:.
Please take all the time you need and feel free to message me directly or tag me in this (or any post) in the event I don’t see your reply.

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For me on Linux trying to import from Chromium, I had all check boxes checked and the only thing that was imported was about 15 bookmarks out of a good 30. None of my passwords, history and possibly cookies.

Could you answer/provide info on these as well?

I did try just importing passwords since to me, that is more important plus bookmarks can easily be exported to html file and then imported in to Brave.

OS is Kubuntu 18.10 and Brave is of course the latest version which is Version 0.61.52 Chromium: 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit).

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From another Community topic

Description of the issue:

I have just migrated from Chrome to Brave and used the “import settings” to import my Chrome stuff. Favourites and other things have imported, but saved passwords did not which is killerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Download and install Brave
  2. Menu
  3. Settings
  4. Import
  5. Select Chrome profile
  6. Make sure that “Passwords” is enabled for import

Actual Result:

Check “Saved Passwords” and see nothing is in there :sob:

Expected result:

Chrome saved passwords should also import, not just favourites.

Reproduces how often:

Every time I retry importing!

Brave Version:


Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):


Worth me also noting - no errors are thrown at all - the import appears to be successful as far as the UI is concerned.

Further detail from the same community thread:

The import was the first thing I did - I had not browsed to any other pages before trying to import.

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise x64
OS Version: 1703
OS Build: 15063.1631

Importing passwords from: Chrome 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Let me know if you need any other info - all bookmarks came through fine, it looks like it’s just the passwords that didn’t :frowning_face:

I just tried this - on my Windows 10 machine (where I’ve had Brave installed for a couple of days now) it did not work at all. I tried:

  • Importing individual tickboxes
  • Importing all tickboxes
  • Importing just passwords

No change in the passwords at all. I even tried with Brave being the ONLY application open on the machine… no success :frowning: despite it giving me the big blue tick - I have all my bookmarks though!

I just did a fresh install of Brave on my MacOS Mojave (10.14.3) machine (never had Brave on it before), closed all browsers first, then launched Brave and did the import and it worked perfectly (it’s probably worth having an instruction pop-up first to say “close all browsers before importing”?)!

Any ideas what I can do to get the import to now work on my Windows 10 machine (I don’t sync between the two - one’s a personal machine, one’s a work machine).

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Mattches: Husband is recovering satisfactorily from the accident but I’ve had to run the business by myself plus everything else required like taxes so have been super busy.

I looked over this thread when my old Brave received an announcement that the old version will only work for 8 more days (now 6 more days). There’s a load of material that I would have to read (other threads as well) to get up to date and answer the question, “will re-installing the new Brave now work the way it should as far as importing everything from the old version?”

If cookies and passwords in particular won’t work, that is bad news for me as I need them daily. I am resigned to having to go thru the whole setting up of Meta Mask again but not if all the import functions don’t work.

Also, the message that is displayed in the old Brave includes a highlighted area that invites one to “Launch the new Brave”. A similar link is how I installed the new Brave before. Do I use that link now or go get the downloadable new Brave version and install it from that? Also, why does the program not recognize that I actually already have the new Brave installed?

Hope you have the time and inclination to answer. As I am very pressed for time, it would be most appreciated. Thx.

Glad you’re back and glad to hear your Husband is doing alright.

If you already have the new Brave installed, “Launch” is accurate – I believe that it says “Download the new Brave” or “Install the new Brave” if it’s not detected on your system already. We have a “all in one” help document for the transition you can (and should) read here:

Please let me know if any of the above is unclear.

Thank you. Will try it tonight (no time today) and report (hopefully) success.

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Did you know that when Brave sent out the 10 day warning, the new version that I installed way back when will no longer open? Before installing " BraveBrowserSetup.exe" that I downloaded, I wanted to check something so I tried to open it and nada. If I didn’t like the browser so much, I’d move on to something else and avoid this situation which I need like a hole in the head at the moment. Sorry, feeling frustrated because of too much to do/rant off. Hope the installation works. Back after…

I installed the new/new version, mostly with success. The best thing is that passwords (and presumably cookies - haven’t tested yet) did import. I imported each category individually and then looked to see if each worked. I was surprised that my latest version of Meta Mask extension did appear though I still have to add all the tokens again.

Two problems I noted so far: 1. When I hit the menu command in Meta Mask to go to Etherscan to see if the tokens would load on their own, the browser stopped responding 5 times and I had trouble getting MM to show again (had to reload page) and any other interaction with that page caused a freeze. Then the freezing stopped and those attempts worked from then on so it is apparently a past problem now, I hope. 2. When I went to settings to view passwords, a window layer displays over and obscures 3 to 4 password entries. The heading is “Extensions” and there are two (default?) extensions there - “Web Torrent” with brief description and “Hangouts” with brief description and both are activated. At the bottom, there’s a menu heading with a link to “manage extensions”.

When I go to settings/manage extensions, the only extension listed is Meta Mask (also the manage extensions link in the window that appears in passwords works and only shows Meta Mask). The ones that mistakenly appear over the password entries are not listed there.

This looks like a bug - is there any fix for it? ( I can try turning them off at this wrong location - should I try that?)

Glad you upgraded (mostly) successfully!
The menu overlap that you’re seeing is a known issue – I believe our UI guys already have a fix in place (or soon to be).

:point_up: This is because the Webtorrent, Hangouts, etc extensions are all built-in to Brave. Any extensions downloaded (from the chrome store, for example) will appear in the Extensions page where Metamask was.

Thank you. I’ll just ignore the overlap and it will get fixed in the next update to the browser. Unfortunately I now have an issue with Meta Mask as it won’t display tokens but won’t allow you to input them because they are already there… except they aren’t :frowning: but that’s not your problem. Grateful for your help and I don’t think I’ll have to bother you again :grinning:.

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trying to import bookmarks from chrome 74.0.3729.159 and I am only seeing a grey page with mobile bookmarks. when i click the top right menu, there is no option to import bookmarks. This is on a chromebook… (not sure if related)

brave version 1.0.99
android9, samsung chromebook plus

I just downloaded and installed Brave. When trying to import the chrome settings on windows 10 it at first didn’t work. But when i checked task manager i closed all 6 or 7 chrome processes while doing that i noticed that the chrome extensions that were running like trend micro extensions were giving a message that they crashed. I was thinking maybe the extensions installed in chrome are the reasons why some people can’t get the importing going.

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It definitely is – this is because all Chromebook apps come from the Google Play Store, so you’re technically using the “mobile” version of Brave which does not, at this time, support a direct Import feature.

  1. What browser were you attempting to import from?

Safari 12.1.1. on MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

  1. Where you attempting to import all browsing data, or only certain select data? That is – which check boxes were checked when you attempted import?

Default button after loading Brave first time - All

  1. Of the data selected to be imported, which data (checked boxes) were successfully imported?

4. Did you try to import selecting only one box at a time? If so, did this work for any of them?

Only one box show, Favorites/Bookmarks when Safari select.

NOTE: Chrome import works succesfully !!!

  1. Operating System and Brave version (as always)

See above for Safari and MacOS. Brave Version 0.66.101 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Adding to my bug report. I was manually able to export the bookmarks file from Safari and import it within the Brave browser. Not sure why the automated method doesn’t work

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